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Financial Questions
Referral Program
What is necessary for taking part in the investment program?
To become a participant of the investment program, you have to fill in the registration form on our website. Then choose the most suitable investment plan from the range of available ones, and deposit money into the account. We do not limit our investors in payment system selection. Choose any for your investment purposes.
Is my account data safe?
We use DDoS protection and an SSL certificate for investors' safety on our service. All your data account information and record access are reliably protected.
How long does it take for the support team to respond to a request?
Usually, technical support reviews the request and sends a response within 24 hours. Do not worry, we will write to you as soon as possible. Not a single issue is left without attention.
What are the restrictions for investors?
We welcome investors of legal age only. Anyone can conduct investment activities following the laws of the residence country.
Where could I learn more about the investment firm?
Full information about the company is presented on our website in the About Us section. Contact us if you have questions or would like to specify some details on the investment plans.
Can I register multiple accounts?
Unfortunately, multiple accounts are prohibited.
Which payment services and coins do we work with?
We work with Tron and Usdt trc20.
How to change my account informations?
For security reasons; After the first saving it is not possible to change your account informations yourself. Please contact the support to change your mail adress or payment wallets.
How long does it take to get the first profit?
The timing of making a profit depends on the selected investment plan. Each available package has its income-generating strategy and deposit requirements. All the money earned is transferred to your account.
What are the available ways to withdraw revenue?
Income is charged according to the selected investment rate. All funds are transferred to the investor's balance. You can withdraw money through a payment system convenient for you.
Is it possible to replenish the balance on the personal page from one payment system and withdraw money from it through another one?
No, you can deposit and withdraw funds only from the same payment system. The service remembers it, which fits and speeds up all required transactions.
How long does it take to withdraw money from the account?
All Withdrawal Are Automatic
How many deposits can I open at once?
We have no restrictions on the number of deposits. It is possible to obtain several active deposits for different currencies at once.
What is the minimum deposit amount?
You can invest with starting from $20
When will the deposit be activated?
A fiat deposit will be activated Automatic after its payment, a cryptocurrency deposit will be activated after the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain. Waiting time for funds to the wallet for payment systems Ltc,Doge,Tron,- at least 3 network confirmations are required and this can take from 5 minutes to several hours.
I already paid and the transaction is shown with more as 3 network confirmations, but I don’t see my deposit in the dashboard, what should I do?
Please make sure that the investment isn’t shown in the ‘Deposits’ page and consult the Support Service via the online formular or any other convenient way.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
Money withdrawal is available Ltc,Doge,Tron,Pm min Payout $1
I have some problems with withdrawal, what should I do?
Please contact the Support Service and we will solve the problem or assist you in completing your withdrawal request. Before consulting the Support Service, please make sure that all fields of the application are filled in correctly, and there are enough funds on the balance to perform the withdraw operation.
Are there opportunities for passive income generating on the website?
Investors can take part in a special-purpose referral program. Each investor can attract other willing users to participate in our crypto trading activities. For each referral, you can get a reward and increase your revenue this way.
Can I participate in the referral program without an active deposit?
No, that’s not possible. Users who want to promote our program should be convinced and have their own deposit. The minimal deposit limits for the affiliate program you find on our partners page.
Is a referral commission charged when replenishing a deposit?
If an investor transfers funds from an account on the service, then no commission is charged. It is provided when replenishing from a payment system.
How may I change the upline?
It is not possible to change the upline for an exist account. If the first account has not yet been used, you can open a second account under a different upline, but in this case the first account MUST remain inactive with no deposit and no refs. Otherwise both accounts will be rated as multi-accounts and will be blocked.
How to become a representative?
The main requirement to the potential representatives is to provide a total amount of your partners' contributions that equals at least $5000. Send a request to technical support if you have met the conditions.
Can I refer members of my own household?
It is strictly forbidden, to use more as one account from the same computer, the same IP or with the same mail or payment processors. In such case all accounts will be rated as multiaccounts and will be blocked.